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THIS IS NOT A DRILL: MTV Is Putting Music Back On The Air

In a new report, MTV will use "music as the muse" when it comes to what goes on the air... IT'S ABOUT TIME! 

While jokes still surface (even comic strips) citing that the "M" in "MTV" used to stand for music, now we know that MTV has heard them all and decided to change.

In a report from AdAge, MTV is going to reinvigorate the brand, focusing on music, including bringing back MTV Unplugged. Cribs will also return, but as a Snapchat channel, rather than a TV series, as well as a "Discover" channel for the app.

With the death of Prince recently, MTV even wiped their entire schedule to play Prince music videos (and accidental a "Fresh Prince" music video - give them a break, at least they are trying).

So does this mean that we should expect music videos all the time? Most likely not. Some special programming will be coming from Zac Efron, Drew Barrymore, Dwayne Johnson, Pitbull and John Legend, says AdAge, but at least the gravitational pull towards music is a steer in the right direction.

There's hope after all. MTV was just going through an experimental phrase, but maybe it will be a-ok after all.

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