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Team Blake Reportedly Has Mentor For Season 11 Of 'The Voice,' Which Is Currently Recording!

Hey friends!!

Is it just me, or does it seem like one season of "The Voice," ends, and another begins?? Not that I'm complaining! AT. ALL. I love the show so much, and was really surprised when I read who Blake Shelton reportedly has as his team's Mentor this season!! I also think it's really cool!!


According to new, and very strong, reports, "Wind Beneath My Wings," singer, Bette Midler, has taken Blake Shelton's team under her wing! 😉


I couldn't be happier to hear this news!! I must've watched, "Beaches," 200 times over the years! I love Bette! Plus, she's super talented!!!


This information comes from an unnamed source, who also spilled the beans about the rest of the Mentors,

who include Joan Jett for Team Miley, Sammy Hagar for Team Adam, and Charlie Puth for Alicia Keys' team!


Sounds like an interesting line up for sure, and we'll keep you posted as this information gets confirmed! Can't wait to watch the next season of "The Voice!" -XOXO - Renée