LISTEN: Parmalee Share Brand New Song, 'Sunday Morning!'

Parmalee's new single may be called "Sunday Morning," but it's good every morning!

Parmalee have a brand-new single  called “Sunday Morning,” and it comes from their upcoming album.

It's been almost four years since Parmalee released their last album, "Feels Like Carolina," and when discussing when they'll share their next record, lead singer Matt Thomas told The Boot,

“We’ve been working on it, just trying to wrap it up...But you know how it is in Nashville: You’re about to finish the album and an amazing song comes down the pike, or you write an amazing song, [and] it’s like, ‘We’ve got to put this song on the record,’ and something gets bumped out of the way.”

In the meantime, they're sharing “Sunday Morning,” and you can check it out below:


Parmalee - Sunday Morning (Official Audio)

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