Makeup Tips With Laurie Gail

Laurie Gail has been a makeup artist and beauty columnist in Boston for over fifteen years.  Her “day job” is in the music industry and she volunteers for the Animal Rescue League of Boston in her spare time.

If you have got a special event coming up that could use her makeup skills, email her at [email protected].

I Screen, You Screen

Ok, sure so we all know that the sun helps us manufacture the very important Vitamin D...which, these days, seems to be depleted in everyone under the sun.  That said, though, we also know a little sun goes a long way.

Just Browsing: Part II

As job titles go, Prestige Manager is right up there in our book.  So when we wanted more insight into brows best practices, we turned to Renee Kee, Prestige Manager at Ulta Beauty (incidentally, America’s largest beauty retailer, so…your brows are in good hands).

Earth Day 2017

With Earth Day upon us April 22nd, it’s an especially fitting time to chat with the fine folks at FarmHouse Fresh about eco-friendly skin care. CEO Shannon McLinden shared the scoop on their newest line, the Organics Collection.

Spring Into Gear: Part II

Despite the fact that most of us dug our cars out just days ago, it is actually Spring.  So, to celebrate that tulipy, pastel fact, we’ve connected with all-seasons expert, Carmen Lambarri. Associate PR Manager at Clarins.  They’ve got the goods on Springy style, head to toe.