Missed Connections

Every weekday morning at 6:20a and 8:20a Jackson Blue and Hannah are making love connections.

Did you cross paths with somebody and think they could be the one? If you weren't able to seal the deal and want to be reconnected, Jackson & Hannah have got your back! They'll put their FBI caps on and try to find your missing somebody to give you a second shot at love.

Want to submit yourself or someone you know to be on Missed Connections? Email [email protected].

The 99 Psychic

A psychic told her she would meet a guy whose name started with the letter "D".  She would meet this guy at a "food establishment" and he was going to be her "soul-mate"...Is Doug from The 99 the one???

The Guy At Foodies

A couple of weeks ago she was in Foodies Market in South Boston.  He helped her by handing her a basket because her hands were full.  At the time she dating someone, but now she's single.  She's now looking for this guy because she knows she had a connection.

The Smart Car

He was at the North Shore Mall and had a little "run in" with a girl who parked behind his smart car.  He couldn't leave and was ready to "rip" into this person.  That was the plan until he saw who the person was.  He says she was beautiful and so nice.  The guy driving the…

Ryan And Ryan

She talked to a "super nice" guy over the phone named Ryan.  Ryan helped her out with a few issues she was having with some brackets.  She then spoke to him a second time and ended up coming in to try and meet him.  The only wrinkle was that there are two Ryan's who work…

The Southie Jogger

He sees a girl jog by his house every day!  She then goes and grabs coffee at Starbucks on the corner.  He likes her, thinks they'd be great together and even had plans to speak to her.  Well, her name is Sam and we found her.  Will this lead to a connection?

The Fingerlings

She's a single mom with a 3-year-old daughter who loves Fingerlings!  While shopping for the Fingerlings, she ran into a guy who had the last two left in stock.  They struck up a conversation after she accidentally ran into him with her shopping cart.  She's now looking for a good looking guy that was about…

The Halloween Pub Crawl

They met at a Holloween pub crawl!  He was the "Old Man" from UP and she was "April" The Giffafe!  She knows his name was Billy, he was at Howl At The Moon, and they made out!  She's not looking for him!  Billy, where are you?

Self Checking Him Out

She saw a guy in the "Self Checkout Line" who had a "sexy" John Deer tattoo!  They exchanged a few words, a few jokes, and then her moment was stolen from her.  Now, she's looking for him!

The Ghost Tour Guide

He got a private ghost tour of Salem, MA from Miranda!  They met over the weekend while he was enjoying the Halloween scene around Salem.   Now, he's trying to find her.  Her name is Miranda, her friend's name is Jaime, and she's a tour guide.

Her Hair Was In My Food

He was looking for a waitress who he was immediately "drawn to".  He says she spent some extra time with him, she worked at the South Shore Plaza and will remember him.  He was the guy with the hair in his burger.