Missed Connections

Every weekday morning at 6:20a and 8:20a Jackson Blue and Hannah are making love connections.

Did you cross paths with somebody and think they could be the one? If you weren't able to seal the deal and want to be reconnected, Jackson & Hannah have got your back! They'll put their FBI caps on and try to find your missing somebody to give you a second shot at love.

Want to submit yourself or someone you know to be on Missed Connections? Email [email protected].

Gym Shades!

Andrew was doing 25 push-ups, 30 situps, and "hitting the punching bag" when he saw her!  He has seen her once or twice before and thinks she may have been looking at him because he was wearing sunglasses.  All she said to him was "So much for working out" as she left the gym.  Who is…

The Sports Star?

There is so much mystery surrounding this Missed Connection!  His name is Steve, he was wearing a "huge championship ring", and he was tall with big feet.  But is he a player?  We got him on the phone and made the connection.  Now, we're all just left wondering.  Who is Steve?

The Red Sox Picture Guy

He offered to take a picture of her and her friend at Fenway Park!  He then took pictures for a few other groups of girls.  This lead to a connection that all started with a selfie.

The Guy At The Emerald Square Mall

Mel was at the Emerald Square Mall on Saturday between  4:25 and 4:45 pm.  She was in Abercrombie & Fitch and saw a guy with his daughter, he was wearing a Patriots shirt, and lives in Rhode Island.  She also mentioned he was there taking his daughter school shopping and was playing Candy Crush while he…

The Patriots Game

Shannon took her kids to their first Patriots Game! She was sitting in section 127 and saw a guy there sitting with his son.  During the madness of the game, she ended up losing track of him.  Are you the guy Shannon is looking for?  Where you sitting in section 127?