Want $1,000 in your pocket?!  We've got your chance to score big with MEGA MONEY on Country 102.5!

It all starts with the MEGA MONEY Song of the Day. Listen to Jackson Blue & Hannah to tell YOU what the MEGA MONEY song of the day is each morning at 7:10am. When you hear it, pay very close attention, because right after the song plays we'll give you the MEGA MONEY keyword!

Next, just text that hour's keyword to 4-0-7-7-2, or enter it below, and then cross your fingers because someone wins $1,000 bucks in cold hard cash every time, and it could be you!

The MEGA MONEY keyword will change each hour, so be sure to listen for the song of the day followed by that hours keyword at approximately 8a, 11a, 1p, 4p and 6p!   That one word could mean MEGA MONEY for you!!


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This is a Beasley Media Group nationwide contest.