Rewind: Luke Bryan Truck Giveaway

Only one Boston radio station is big enough to get Luke Bryan to hand over his personal truck for you to WIN… And we did it!

Yes, that's right, we officially gave away Luke Bryan's very own pickup truck!

Each of our qualifiers had already won a pair of tickets to see Luke Bryan perform at Gillette Stadium this weekend, but we didn't think that was quite enough, so we qualified them to win a one-of-a-kind item: the Chevrolet truck that Luke Bryan used to call his own!

All of our contestants were invited to attend the live drawing at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston on July 14th, and one of them walked away with the truck that’s been huntin’ and fishin’ with Luke behind the wheel!


Meet Michelle of Hanson, MA, the proud new owner of Luke Bryan's Chevrolet truck!

BUT that's not all... She also won $10,000 AND a pair of passes to meet Luke Bryan at his show at Gillette Stadium this weekend!

Here she is jumping up on in to Luke's truck for the first time!

As @jeffmiles1025 said, your chariot awaits, Michelle!

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Miles & Hannah called to check in on her the morning after this incredible news. Hear what she had to say!

She even got to meet Luke at his show at Gillette Stadium!

Truck winner michelle w Luke

We hope you enjoy the ride as much as Luke did!

Today we officially said goodbye to Luke Bryan's truck here at Country 102.5. We hope @warehouse273 and her family make as many memories in it as Luke did!

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Check out all the fun in our rewind video!


And for photos...

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Special thanks to the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston for hosting us, and to Alec MacGillivray for rocking the stage at the drawing!