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Tyler From Logan Airport

His name is Tyler and he works in Terminal B at Logan Airport.  He helped her after she got lost and found her way into a parking garage.  She mentioned she didn't want to pay for parking and that she was lost.  Tyler then helped her find the proper place to park and how to get…

She Was On Another Date

A month ago she was meeting a first date for dinner.  Her date was running late so she decided to have a drink at the bar.  While she was sitting there, she and another guy from across the bar started looking at each other.  At this point, her date showed up and they progressed with…

Music Staff & Starbucks

He's looking for a girl with a music staff tattoo on her arm.  He sees her every morning at the Starbucks on Rt. 1 south in Saugus.  He also said they were giving each other "eyes".  Are you a music lover from the North Shore?  Someone is looking for you.

The Plane To Myrtle Beach

She's looking for a guy she met on a plane flying to Myrtle Beach.  She knows he's from Burlington,  went to Burlington High School, and was flying down to play golf with his brother.  Things were going well and looked good...until they both fell asleep!  Does this fit the description of anyone you know?

Valentine's Day at Target

They both share a dislike for Valentine's Day!  They met at a Target in Braintree, MA and ended up going their separate ways.  Now, he's looking for the girl who could have been "the one".

The Dog Walker

She's a dog walker in Salem, MA!  She was walking all 5 of her dogs around The Salem Commons.  That's where she saw a guy "who was trying to have a conversation with her".  It was all going well until two of her dogs got into a little "scuffle".  That's where the connection was missed.