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Her Hair Was In My Food

He was looking for a waitress who he was immediately "drawn to".  He says she spent some extra time with him, she worked at the South Shore Plaza and will remember him.  He was the guy with the hair in his burger.

The South Street Diner Guy

She's looking for a guy named Nathan while she was killing time at the South Street Diner.  She shared a conversation with him and discovered "he's a good soul", he's a widower, and really hasn't dated in a couple of years.  All was going well until he had to rush out for work.  No information was…

She Smelled Like Hay

She didn't shower, her hair was messy, and she smelled like hay.  Either way, she still saw and met the man of her dreams.  He was tall, tattooed, had muscle tone, and he's an electrician.

The Realtor

He flips houses for a living and met a realtor while he was looking for his next "flip".  He saw Eliza, a realtor from Coldwell Banker.  He says she "was amazing looking"!  From there he was hooked and now needs our help to call her.

The Highway Watcher

Every day Daniel drives down 93 past Assembly Sports Club at around 5:15 am.  Every day he sees the same girl on the treadmill running.  She's about 5'3", blonde hair, and wears "really nice" gym clothes.  Daniel has NEVER seen her face but still really wants to know who she is.  He even says he's in…

Gym Shades!

Andrew was doing 25 push-ups, 30 situps, and "hitting the punching bag" when he saw her!  He has seen her once or twice before and thinks she may have been looking at him because he was wearing sunglasses.  All she said to him was "So much for working out" as she left the gym.  Who is…