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Happy Birthday Garth Brooks!

Happy Birthday to the legendary Garth Brooks!

An inspiration to many on the country roster, Garth Brooks has constantly lead the way of the greats, and is a phenomenal live performer. To honor the talent, and the love that he instills in his fans, we decided to select live versions of his music FROM his fans, posted on YouTube to watch and celebrate from his most recent concerts in Boston!  Watch below, and don't get caught singing along at your desk!

Man Against Machine

Unanswered Prayers


The River


The Thunder Rolls


Friends In Low Places


The Dance


Garth Brooks/Trisha Yearwood - In Another's Eyes, Trisha Yearwood - XXX's And OOO's (An American Girl)

Calling Baton Rouge


Standing Outside The Fire

Note: The description in the video, posted by Donna Schneider says the following:
"My special needs son got to go to Garth Brooks concert on January 24th in Boston. This is a life long dream of his. Tim is a man of few words, few smiles and reserved except when playing special olympics sports. He is autistic among other things and has self limited movement except for when he listens to Garth. This was his first and only Garth concert. This video was worth everything to me as a mom. He was like this all night and it brought tears to my eyes to see him so happy and so enamored with a man who truly is an entertainer and gentle man."



Happy Birthday Garth! We hope it's a happy and healthy one!


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