Royal Family Posts Cute Ski Trip Pictures, Breaks Internet

Forget the fact that Kim Kardashian is posting naked selfies (Yeah, THAT was also breaking news last night). 

The Royal Family is always great about sharing their pictures these days, and now, we get to see some of THE CUTEST ones from their Skiing trip.

The caption, eloquently put from the Kensington Royal Instagram states "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to share new photographs of their family, enjoying a short skiing holiday with their children in the French Alps. The Duke and Duchess invited the Press Association's Royal Photographer John Stillwell to take the photographs earlier in the week. This was their first holiday as a family of four and the first time either of the children had played in the snow. It was very special and fun short holiday for the family, and they are grateful that John Stillwell was able to capture the moment so well."

Check out the gallery here:




Seriously, could William and Kate be more cute? And those two little bundles of joy! BRB, gushing uncontrollably.


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