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WATCH: Kenny Chesney Debuts New Video! #Noise

Kenny Chesney, the sultan of summer, the foreman of the feel-good song, the titan of the tailgate... is getting political. He has never been one to preach but in his latest song, "Noise," he is definitely making some noise and his message is being heard. Today he made his message seen, too, releasing his brand new video. What is all this noise about "Noise?" Chesney said,"We were talking about the relentless onslaught of sound, everyone wanting to be heard and this idea of everyone turning it up a little louder than the other person. We have so much thrown at us all at once that we don't really hear anything. It's all so loud that it just becomes white noise in your brain."

Check out the brand new video and read all about it by clicking HERE! 

Kenny takes over Gillette Stadium for 2 nights in August with Miranda Lambert, Old Dominion and Sam Hunt. Limited tickets are available HERE! 

Check out this video of Kenny performing "Boston"- a song he only does live for us, at Gillette Stadium last year:

Kenny Chesney - "Boston" live at Gillette Stadium in Boston on 8.29.15

Kenny Chesney performs "Boston" live at Gillette Stadium in Boston on 8.29.15, the last night of the Big Revival Tour. Kenny says he will only play this song in Boston. Best part of the song is when he stops all instruments and has the crowd sing the lyrics.....just amazing.