Are These The Greatest STAR TREK Ornaments Ever?

If there's a Trekkie on your holiday shopping list, we may have just found the perfect gift idea.

How about one of these awesome "Star Trek" TV Series ornaments and collectibles from Hallmark?

Over the weekend at Comic-Con in San Diego, Hallmark proved yet again that they are hipper than hip by making their U.S.S. EnterpriseTM Keepsake Ornament available to festival attendees.

It features the iconic starship as originally built and painted for special-effects filming.

Hold onto your phasers for this: The ornament plays the opening dialogue and music directly from the original "Star Trek" TV Series!  Who among us can resist the dulcet tones of Captain James T. Kirk as he says, "Space, the final frontier."

Your next chance to pick up the latest "Star Trek" TV Series Keepsake Ornament comes in October at New York Comic-Con.

Can't make it to the convention, worry not our fellow Trekkies.  Keep scrolling to see come of the other "Star Trek" TV Series offerings you can pick to make your or any Trekkie's season bright.


While we hate to play favorites, this "The Man Trap" Kirk and Salt Monster Ornament as a special place in our hearts.  It may have been when we heard it say "The creature it kills.  It needs salt to live," that it secured a top spot in our list of all time favorite holiday decorations.


Looking for the perfect holiday accessory to put next to the basket of cinnamon scented pine cones?  You may want to consider this noble STAR TREK™ 50th Anniversary To Boldly Go Tabletop Decoration complete with light and sound from Hallmark.  We would be thrilled to have this in our home to help us celebrate the joy of the season.


You could also add the Ensign Chekov ornament to your collection this holiday season.  It could hang on your tree right along side Spock, Lt Sulu and Dr. McCoy.  Oh what fun will have with Star Trek themed holiday!