A Chat With Kane Brown: Debut Album, Ellen, And An Invitation To Dinner At His House!

When Kane Brown calls and answers greets you with a how you doin', darlin? you can't help but melt. That voice!
That unmistakable velvety warm voice. Like cognac on a cold winter day. We were sorry he couldn't make it up for our Country 102.5 Wicked Awesome Monstah Bash because of illness this year. But, happy to hear he is much better and thoroughly pumped to have his debut album, that he has worked so hard for, overcoming many more obstacles than most, out and available to the public as of today!

He is truly a southern gentlemen and even extended an invitation to all of us to have dinner at his family's home. Take a listen: (His speaking voice is as enjoyable as his singing voice!)

Here's Kane's new video for his current hit, "Thunder In The Rain:"

Kane Brown - Thunder in the Rain

Get "Thunder in the Rain" on Kane Brown's self-titled, full-length debut album: http://smarturl.it/kanebrown