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Will 'Star Wars' Write Out Leia Or CGI Her In?

If you've not seen The Force Awakens or Rogue One, you don't want to continue this post, because it contains spoilers. 

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Carrie Fisher's untimely death shook everyone to their core, but we were informed that she had wrapped on the second installment of the new series in July. The trouble is that now that Carrie is gone, the scenes planned for Episode XI were to include a reunion with Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and Leia confronting Kylo Ren, her son (Adam Driver), according to The Hollywood Reporter

The film as it stands could either be rewritten, but many are asking if they will take Carrie Fisher's likeness and use the CGI technique they used to generate Moff Tarkin's character in Rogue One and apply it to Leia to finish up the film the way they had intended.

Carrie had once joked that George Lucas owned her "likeness" and she had to "send him a check for a couple of bucks" every time she looked in the mirror... Now, that joke may not be so far off.

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We miss you so much, Carrie.


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