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East Coast Ice Cream Road Trip Anyone? We've Mapped It Out For You!

Trying to plan an unconventional vacation, but not sure what to do?

Starting in New York City, take the road trip of a life time to Florida. Each pit stop will take you to a different state where you can enjoy a local ice cream shop. So, get your car packed, because we have planned this all out for you!

1. DO NYC - New York, NY

DŌverwhelmed with all the love and support we've been getting! Scooping until we run out today! ??photo: @buzzfeedfood / @taylormillerphoto #cookiedonyc #cookiedough #buzzfeed #buzzfeedfood #nyc #newforkcity #dessert #nomnom #foodporn #sweettooth

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Located in the heart of Greenwich Village is a nontraditional ice cream shop. DO NYC is the first ever raw cookie dough scoop shop. Not to worry, the dough is not as raw you you think. Each batch, made by the shop’s owner Kristen Tomlin, is made in a way where you can safely devour the delicious treat.


2. The Bent Spoon - Princeton, NJ

spruce streak ice cream?? * * local norwegian spruce tree streaked with fair trade dark chocolate! #smallbatch #icecream #fromscratch #since2004 #tree #fairtrade #princeton #nj #princetonnj

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Are you a fan of mixing weird flavors together? Then this is definitely the spot for you! Known for their weird flavors like chocolate habanero and cardamom ginger - it’s hard not to find a new combination that will delight your tastebuds.


3. The Ice Cream Store - Rehoboth, DE

Lucky charms for breakfast, dinosaur sprinkles included ?

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Known for their wide variety of different flavors, this shop landed their own Ripley’s Believe It or Not. The Ice Cream Store has over 100 different types of ice cream, inducing: Habanero, Booger, and even one called Looks Like Viagra!


4.  The Charmery - Baltimore, MD

Our tribute to Drake aka @champagnepapi is going to be debuted this Friday! @champagnepapi is a champagne base with poppy seeds throughout. In the words of the man himself "ice cream conversations...they all want the scoop".

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This mom and pop shop will make you feel as though you have stepped back in time. Fun fact, their bathroom was named a finalist in America’s Best Restroom competition! Along with an awesome under the sea themed potty, they also have innovated ice cream flavors. This past year, the shop paired up with a pancake store to release their “Michael Phelps Flapjack Gold” flavor. If you eat this, will you also win a bunch of gold metals?


5.  Salem Ice Cream Parlor Inc. - Salem, VA

Finally ! Chocolate dipped cones are back ! Come and enjoy one today !! Also, we recommend our newest flavor Sea-Salted Caramel Cookies & Cream ! (Pictured in middle )

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With great sandwiches, soup, and ice cream you cannot go wrong at this local shop. Salem Ice Cream Parlor has over 40 different flavors, all of which can be transformed into a milkshake. Family owned and operated, all the soups are also homemade. Who says ice cream and soup can’t go together?


6.  Jack the Dipper Ice Cream - Waynesville, NC

"Jack the Dipper is awesome." Thanks @random_username_100, we think you're awesome, especially with all of those gummy bears. #jackthedipper #instagood #icecreamlovers #sylvanc #waynesvillenc #whee #cullowhee #wcu #yummy

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Since 1976, this ice cream shop has been in an icon of downtown Sylva. Their specialties include warm homemade waffle cones and old fashioned hand-dipped ice cream. From cones to banana splits to ice cream cakes, it is hard to go wrong with these traditional treats.


7.  Island Treats - Pawleys Island, SC

Our newest ice cream creation...Upside Down ...

Our newest ice cream creation...Upside Down Banana Split. Yum!

Generous scoops of ice cream with traditional flavors such as southern pecan pie and banana pudding, what more could one ask for? The shop is located inside of a shack that is close by to a local shopping hot spot. Snag a treat and take it on the road for an extra shopping bonus!


8.  Mountain Fresh Creamery - Clermont, GA

You've asked for it! Almond Joy is now in the silo and in containers! While supplies last! #mountainfreshcreamery #almondjoy #icecream

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All-natural ice cream that is fresh form a farm? No, we are not making this up! Mountain Fresh Creamery’s mission is to provide healthy farm-to-table treats for all their guests. While tasting their award-winning treats, you can even meet their cows! Tours of their farm are given on a daily basis and will educate you on all things dairy.


9.  Dreamette - Jacksonville, FL

In the words of @beyonce: I ain't sorry. ? needed a butterscotch dipped vanilla kids cone. And I didn't see any of you at the gym this morning. #caroneats #eatjax #jaxeats #904eats #dreamette #murrayhilljax #foodintheair #butterscotch #dippedcone #icecreamcone #emojisinthewild

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With over 60 years in the ice cream biz, you are sure to get a delicious scoop here! Dreamette’s only two flavors are chocolate and vanilla. This might sound rather dull, but they ensure an unique experience with their special dips. With a range of flavors like cotton candy or toasted coconut, you are ensure to add a new twist to an old classic.


10.  Love Boat Home Made Ice Cream - Fort Myers, FL

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Rounding off your ice cream excursion is South West Florida’s home made ice cream shop. Since the 60’s, they have been serving up over 50 different flavors. The Love Boat even has a variety of sorbets and sugar free/fat free ice cream! Perfect to round out your vacation.


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