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Trace Adkins Gets Raw And Real

Raw, real and autobiographical. That's pretty much the take on Trace Adkins' new single "Watered Down."

His record label family is appropriately using phrases like "the truest reflection of his life and career to date" to describe the song, but you don't have to take their word for it. Trace is happy to tell you himself:

"That's one of those songs where I smacked myself on the forehead and went, 'Wow, I should've written that!'" Trace says of his first time hearing "Watered Down," which was penned by Matt Jenkins (Keith Urban's "Cop Car"), Trevor Rosen (William Michael Morgan's "I Met A Girl") and Shane McAnally (Sam Hunt's Body Like A Back Road"). "It is all autobiographical. It really is ... It speaks to my soul."


Consider the song's soulful lines:


We still fly like gypsies

Just a little closer to the ground

And we still love our whiskey

But now it's just a little watered down


Those old ghosts still chase me

But feels like they're losing ground

Yeah I'm still crazy

But now I'm just a little watered down


Trace walks us through the lyric video below. He'll perform "Watered Down" March 31 on NBC's Today.


Trace Adkins - Watered Down (Lyric Video)

Official lyric video for "Watered Down" from Trace's new album SOMETHING'S GOING ON available March 31. Pre-Order on iTunes and Amazon Music and get songs instantly.


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