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An Ambitious High Schooler Created a Prom-posal for Emma Stone

For most of us, getting asked to prom was anti-climatic.

Your lab partner turned to you while you waited for water to boil as you started an experiment one day, maybe. Perhaps a friend approached you at your locker as you changed classes.

But one ambitious high schooler is changing the "prom-posal" game. He's looking to have Emma Stone on his arm as he heads to the year-end dance, and he knows he needs to make a big impression.

Emma Stone, Prom?

I decided to ask Emma Stone to prom by recreating the opening scene from La La Land, her most recent movie. I rewrote the lyrics to the song myself and directed the video and did the choreography too, but thank you so much to all the friends and adults who came out to help make it happen.


Jacob Staudenmaier, who lives in Arizona, went all out to try to get Stone to notice his request. He put together a carefully choreographed, La La Land-inspired video to ask the Best Actress winner to his prom. Even if he's not successful, we applaud the effort, and bet he'll earn the attention of many other dates.