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Thomas Rhett, Wife Lauren Are Like All New Parents

How are Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren doing at the whole baby thing? About the same as most new parents, apparently.

"We don’t have any idea what we’re doing at all," the "Die A Happy Man" singers says through his record label, noting that things are about to get even crazier. "Willa's been home for almost a month and I feel like we kind of got spoiled on the front end because [she] sleeps like 12 hours a night. So that's not gonna happen when the newborn comes."

Thomas Rhett on Twitter

I will see you at the beach tomorrow baby girl!!! @laur_akins

The pair adopted Uganda-born Willa Gray in May and have a biological child on the way. "Every time, you know, Willa will go touch Lauren's stomach [we're like], 'Your new sister's inside there,'" he says. "Obviously she doesn't know it but we're kind of just trying to keep saying our newborn's name and trying to get her used to the fact that there will be a sister here in about a month."

That suggests the couple has settled on a name for the new one, though they've yet to say publicly what it is. Thomas is working the road in the meantime with pending stops in Ohio, Maryland, Iowa and Wisconsin, among others. See a complete list of dates here.


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