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ICYMI: Matt Damon In The Broadcast Booth At Sox Game!

Boston-born Matt Damon was home over the weekend to visit family and watch his favorite team play baseball! He had a chance to jump in the broadcast booth during the Red Sox vs White Sox game yesterday afternoon, and share his opinions on this year's team, his Sox look-a-like, Brock Holt and more! Take a look:

Top Play Red Sox - Damon enjoys a Red Sox game, joins the booth

Matt Damon joins the Red Sox booth and talks about his love for the team, an encounter with Ted Williams and his resemblance to Brock Holt

Sunday funday for the actor and filmmaker. How do you like them apples?

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Did you hear? Boston royalty was in the house.

Did you catch the doppelganger meeting?

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Doppelgänger meeting. https://t.co/xuGcobKNYe