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Old Dominion’s highly anticipated sophomore album is slated for release on August 25.

Happy Endings promises to deliver some of the band’s best music to date — while also highlighting how much they have grown and evolved since the release of their last album.

The band, comprised of members Trevor Rosen, Matt Ramsey, Whit Sellers, Brad Tursi and Geoff Sprung are excited about the new album — so-much-so that they launched a six stop Dive Bar Tour leading up to the release.

The 12 track album is jam-packed with songs that resonate with the listener. Songs such as “No Such Thing as a Broken Heart” and “So You Go” range from love to loss of love — and everything in-between.

To pre-order your copy of Happy Endings, please click here.

Happy Endings Track Listing

1. “No Such Thing as a Broken Heart”

2. “Shoe Shopping”

3. “Not Everything’s About You”

4. “Hotel Key”

5. “Be with Me”

6. “Written in the Sand”

7. “So You Go”

8. “Stars in the City” (Featuring Little Big Town)

9. “New York at Night”

10. “A Girl Is a Gun”

11. “Still Writing Songs About You”

12. “Can’t Get You”

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