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Thomas Rhett: This Is Scary

Thomas Rhett is getting nervous and it's got nothing to do with his expanding family. His new and most daring album so far comes out this week (9/8) and, well, it's scary.

The "Craving You" singer has been living with the songs on Life Changes for two years, he says, and he wants people to love 'em. "I've had a chance to hate them and then a chance to love them," he says in an interview released by his record label. "I've had a chance to listen to a lot of songs and be like, 'Those aren't right.' And these are the ones that I picked ... it's scary because a lot of people may only give the record one chance. They might not even listen to the record. They might give three songs one chance, so you have to hope that the 14 songs you chose can make an impact in a short 30 second clip. And if they don't, then maybe that person might not ever listen to your music."

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Thomas is certainly proud of his work, however. "I think it's the best, most clever writing that [I've] done and the best in-studio production that I feel like I've been a part of," he continues. "So I know my fans are gonna love it because if they traveled with me from the first record to the second record, then they can travel with me from two to three."

So what's his final sell? "Whatever you're expecting, stop expecting it because the album that we've made is unlike anything that I could ever explain how it happened," he says. "But I do think that if you are a music lover at all, this record will take you on a journey into a lot of different eras [in] time ... and if you know my story at all with my family, then I think you're really gonna enjoy listening."

The current single from Life Changes is "Unforgettable," which follows the project's No. 1 debut single "Craving You." Stay up to date on his tour schedule here.


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