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Bad News For Fans Of One Tree Hill

Earlier this year, rumors swirled that One Tree Hill would be leaving Netflix.

At the time, those rumors turned out to be false, but fast-forward a few months and it feels like deja vu ... minus the part where Netflix tells us it's just a rumor.

Unfortunately, One Tree Hill will indeed be exiting Netflix on October 1, and no, fans are not taking the news well.

In fact, many loyal Netflix users are threatening to boycott the streaming service if they go through with removing the popular show.

Becca Bialosky on Twitter

sooooo @netflix what's your problem with #OneTreeHill why don't you take off bad shows

Sara Lynn on Twitter

Dear @netflix, One Tree Hill matters! #onetreehill #saveOTH #onetreehillforever #othfam

OTH Fan on Twitter

Dear @netflix, if you cancel One Tree Hill, I will be canceling my subscription. #onetreehill #nothappy

Emily Smith on Twitter

@netflix what are you thinking cancelling #OneTreeHill ??? If this is true I am cancelling my subscription. Rt to #SaveOTH

If you're shocked and feeling broken right now, just remember ...

One Tree Hill on Twitter

Someday, someone is going to hug you so tight that all of your broken pieces fit back together." #OneTreeHill

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