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You Need These Lisa Frank Shoes In Your Life

Nineties kids can agree on one thing; Lisa Frank was queen. You couldn’t go to school without noticing at least one student with her colorful folders or notebooks.

Recently, Lisa Frank has been making a comeback. From Target’s new clothing line to a series of debit cards, it’s beginning to look like the 90s all over again. Thanks to Reebok, we now have another Lisa Frank item to add to the list.


Lisa Frank is now collaborating with Reebok Classic Leathers. That’s right, your favorite, colorful designer will now have her own line of shoes. Needless to say, it’s hard to be upset with these on your feet.

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These Lisa Frank x Reebok 90's inspired sneakers are weird and wonderful! Too much fun ????????

The shoes contain every single Lisa Frank character you have ever loved. On the back of the footwear is her iconic logo along with Lisa Frank’s signature. In areas where there isn’t a puppy or kitten, you can see hits on sparkly purple and pink. To top of the entire look, Reebok and Lisa Frank have made sure the shoelaces are rainbow! We mean, what more could a Lisa Frank fan want in their life?


If you’re trying to purchase a pair of these colorful babies, you may have a hard time. As reported by Bustle, there are currently only two pairs of these shoes in existence. Lisa Frank and Reebok made one adult size and one kid size. Unfortunately, neither pair has a price tag attached. The only way to get these shoes in your sneaker collection is by winning them.

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Lisa Frank and Reebok Have Teamed Up to Create a Rainbow Explosion of a Sneaker


For those Lisa Frank fans feeling lucky, all you have to do is Tweet out your answer to the question “What’s your favorite trend from you back-to-school days?” Make sure to tag both @ReebokClassics and @LisaFrank when sending out your creative answer. Those two people who have the best tweet will receive the shoes!


Best of luck and may the best answer, win!