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Faith Hill Shares Footage Of Argument With Tim McGraw

Faith Hill took to Twitter yesterday to share a clip from her new song with husband Tim McGraw called "The Rest of Our Life."

Faith Hill on Twitter

Shot in Tim's home state of Louisiana. We hope you enjoy it! Watch now on @amazonmusic:

The clip teases a heated argument between the two love-birds and shows Hill storming out of a limousine near a field.

Prior to Faith exiting the vehicle, she and Tim exchange words in the backseat. While it's not necessarily clear what the two are fighting about, the lyrics point towards the coming together of two lives.

It's a song all soon-to-be married couples can undoubtedly relate to.

As the two try to plan their future together, Faith grows frustrated and walks away -- as if to say she is done.

But soon thereafter, Tim finds her at a bar in a restaurant and the two work out their differences and walk out of the eatery holding hands.

You can watch the new music video for "The Rest of Our Life" on Amazon music.

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