(Photo by Rob Stothard/Getty Images)

LOOK: These Kids' Creative Halloween Costumes Could Break The Internet!

Adorable alert! Meet Cash and Kash, 2 buds from Oklahoma who are taking the internet by storm, after one of the mom's posted this pre-halloween pic of their incredibly creative and spot-on costumes of 2 country megastars, Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan. The resemblance is freakishly uncanny! From the matching tats to the guitar straps, stubble and signature wallet chain and baseball cap. Mom the Kash, with a K is hoping to get the attention of the real life stars to get a like or comment. One thing is for sure, when people in the neighborhood open the door for treats tonight, they will have to do a double take! This deserves at least 2 candy bars each!

Kasey Knowles

Show Cash and Kash some love and share this post and see if we can get Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean to see this pic!!! it would make their year! ????