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Carrie Underwood Falls and Breaks Wrist

Carrie, I see you, the "All-American Girl," hurt herself.


Listen, we're all a little clumsy at times. In fact, maybe there's "Something In the Water" because it happened to me last week, too!

I moved into my apartment a couple of weeks ago and I remember thinking I better watch out because the front steps are uneven. It's an accident waiting to happen. And you best believe I'm "The Girl You Think I Am" - (a flippin' klutz!) I wouldn't need to be "Wasted" to tumble on down 'em!

Then last week, it happened. I couldn't "Undo It" and my Mother said "I Told You So." I wished it were "Just a Dream," but I tore a tendon in my foot. I could feel my "Heartbeat" up in my throat with the pain! I was "Blown Away!"

Trust me, you'll never need to "Remind Me" to be careful on those steps again, that's for sure. Do you have any idea how hard it is bringing the "Dirty Laundry" downstairs to the basement right now?! Woof!

Anyway, I know you hurt yourself pretty good, too! A broke wrist is nothing to joke about!

Carrie Underwood on Twitter

Thanks so much for all the well wishes everybody...I'll be alright...might just take some time...glad I've got the best hubby in the world to take care of me.

Here's to a speedy recovery so we can "See You Again" very soon!

Your Fan,