(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

PICTURE You HAVE To See: Kim Kardashian Had What In Her Ice Cubes?!

Plenty of people love following and replicating the things that the Kardashians do. Why? I'm still scratching my head at some of these things. I have a feeling people won't be jumping on this trend. Kim Kardashian recently had her baby shower, which of course was over the top in Klassic Kardashian style. She shared a piece of the shower she was super in love with for all of her Twitter follows to see: the ice cubes.

Why were these ice cubes so special? Well, they had roses frozen inside each of them.

Kim Kardashian West on Twitter

The ice cubes at my baby shower!

Her lack of description left some followers puzzled as to what was going on. Based on a quick glance, well, they look kinda gross...

jen on Twitter

@KimKardashian Everyone's hyping this up but i'm completely lost, I have no idea what this is

Maggie on Twitter

@StrawberryGia @jenniferayissi @KimKardashian To drink ? Ew lol

festive. on Twitter

@KimKardashian So when it melts, you're gonna have dead flowers floating in your drink? Girl. https://t.co/mF3IWTkgZa

EDS on Twitter

@KimKardashian Why does it look like ice cubes made from premature fetuses?