3 Siblings. 25 Songs. 3 1/2 Minutes. 1 Great 2017 Mashup!

This threesome will thrill you. Siblings Lauren, Kathryn and Robert McMillan (ages 22, 19 and 13) are collectively known as MC3. And after releasing this impressive mashup of some of the  biggest country hits of 2017, (25 to be exact),they are bound to be known all over! It's an ambitious undertaking in under 4 minutes. But they nail it! Check it out:

"Country Hits of 2017 Mashup" by MC3- 25 Songs in 3 1/2 minutes

We couldn't choose a favorite so we decided to cover them all! Here is our mashup of the top 25 country hits of 2017 in just 3 1/2 minutes. Share with your country music lovin' friends!! Stay Connected: Instagram & Twitter: @mc3official http://facebook.com/McMillan3music http://mc3official.com The songs included in our mashup are listed below: 1.