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LAS VEGAS, NV - MARCH 30: Musician Jess Carson, Cameron Duddy, and Mark Wystrach of Midland attend ACM After Party For A Cause at Stoney's Rockin' Country on March 30, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for ACM)

Concerts get crazy sometimes, particularly if you’re a group of rising country heartthrobs with a song out about makin’ love. Just ask the guys of Midland.

You see, sometimes unmentionables land on stage. And got really interesting at a recent show. “There is a particular bra that is commemorated and sitting on the bus,” lead singer Mark Wystrach confesses in an interview released by Midland’s record label. “We had a crazy show at the California State Fair and a bunch of bras and whatnot that were thrown on stage. And some girl, after the show, like grabbed Jess [Carson] she goes, ‘Um, excuse me. Uh, that bra that I threw at you, it’s actually like brand new. I just wore it and it’s really expensive. Can you find it and like get it back to me?’ I was already wearing it on my head and was running off stage so she didn’t get it back.”

No end to unmentionable-throwing appears to be in sight given the guys touring schedule. Midland has a full calendar from now through most of next year. See a list of upcoming dates here. Their debut new album On The Rocks is available now, too. Get a copy or stream the project here.

Teddy McDonald is a fun-lovin’ country music fan man living in Nashville, Tennessee.