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Which Hit Did Garth Brooks Almost Lose To Someone Else?

There are so many Garth Brooks songs that I can't imagine life without, and that especially goes with the song he almost didn't release. 

In fact, it might sound weird given how successful he was prior to releasing this song, but it was the first of his I remember hearing growing up.

I'm talking about "Friends In Low Places"- I don't want to imagine life without it!

So, why did it almost not happen?

Garth originally recorded the demo when he was just a shoe salesman (singing demos was his "side hustle", as CMT put it.) Big named artists like George Strait passed it up, so Brooks started singing it at his own live shows every night and eventually put a "hold" on the song (kinda like calling "shotgun" for the front seat.) It sat there for a year, though, and next thing you know, Mark Chestnutt had recorded the song for his album. The two discussed the situation and came to the agreement that as long as Brooks released it as his first single, they'd both record it for their albums. (Hear Chestnutt's version here.) And wah-lah! We have the historic version we've all come to know and love!

Garth Brooks Friends in Low Places Live 1990

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