Who Is The Man Behind The Beard? Get To Know Jordan Davis!

He's one of the hottest new names in country music, but what do we know about him? We know we can't help singing along to his infectious debut single, "Singles You Up," as it approaches top 20 status. We know he has a beard that's build Ford tough, but that's not enough. Let's dig right in, and get to know...Jordan Davis!

  • He is from Shreveport, Louisiana. And proud of it!
  • His brother, Jacob, is also a recording artist in Nashville and performed at our Country 102-5 Festival (starring Lady Antebellum) last summer at the Comcast Center
  • His uncle, Stan Paul Davis, wrote the hit singles, "Today's Lonely Fool," and "Better Man, Better Off" for Tracy Lawrence
  • Graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in environmental science/resource conservation. He went to work right away dealing with saltwater disposal, some asbestos control, and then erosion issues. All that lead him to...Nashville? It's just in his blood.
  • His dad's love of country music inspired his love, from Johnny Cash, to John Prine and Jim Croce. Contemporary signs of Lady Antebellum, Sam Hunt and Eric Church are also evident in Jordan's music
  • Davis co-wrote, "Singles You Up" with Justin Ebach and Steven Dale Jones. It's like a modern take on "Jessie's Girl," basically pining for a girl who is dating someone else. How did it come to be? Jordan told Taste Of Country, “Justin had just gotten engaged, and we were congratulating him, and we told him he was smart not to ‘single her up. I remember we all looked around and were like, ‘Is that dumb or should we write it?’ I bet you a lot of great songs have been written after saying that. We had all be in that situation with a girl, but we tried to be respectful when writing ‘Singles You Up.’ We didn’t want the guy to come across as a jerk or the girl to cheat . . . we wanted to be as gentlemanly as we could about it. Every once in a while you have to wait your turn. If you do get a chance, you have to capitalize on it.” 

This recent Tweet from Jordan gives us an even deeper look into who he is:

Jordan Davis Music on Twitter

Just get out of the car!!! https://t.co/55czQcWBjG


Long before most had even see his beard and heard his jangly jam, Jordan popped into our Studio 102-5 to share his music! Check it out:

Jordan Davis - Singles You Up

Jordan Davis performs "Singles You Up" in Studio 102.5!