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Meet Molly Brulé, a genre defying singer/songwriter, and registered nurse, from Somerville.

Molly’s music is emotional, at least it’s delivered that way. You can see that she feels every lyric, every note, in her performance, and hear it in her vocals. There’s a raw honesty in her sweet voice, that takes you to where she is going in a song. She grew up in the country (Vermont), but honed her skills in the city (Boston), so there are influences of all kinds of music in her songs. Her storytelling lyrics are pure country. Her voice is unpretentious and authentic, like a folk singer. Her melodies can be infectious like pop. Music was a part of her upbringing. Her father encouraged his children to learn instruments, and learn to appreciate artists like Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell and James Taylor. She taught herself guitar, as a teenager and starting writing songs in college as an escape. Brulé sights her biggest influences today, as Maren Morris, Ingrid Michelson, Brandi Carlisle, Alison Krauss and Joni Mitchell.

Molly Makes Music

We were honored to have Molly in studio, recently, to perform 2 original songs. She brought her talented fiddle player, Eva Walsh along. Check out the song “Lose You Now”


Molly shared another song from her album, The Things I Know. This is “Band-Aids”


Take a listen to Molly’s official release of “Lose You Now”

Brulé’s Bio Bonus

  • Occasionally plays ukulele
  • Opened at MUSIKFEST in PA, where Lady Antebellum, The Avett Brother, adn X-Ambassadors were headlining
  • First country concert: Brad Paisley
  • Currently liking on Country 102-5: Maren Morris-“I Could Use A Love Song.” Maren is one of my favorite artists right now and influenced my album a bit.
  • Brulé is a registered nurse
  • Most proud moment: releasing my album!
  • Used to teach hunter education and firearm safety to young teens (Yes, I would run the shooting range full of kids)
  • Certified in hunting, bowhunting and trapping, but I’m also a vegetarian (I know, doesn’t make sense to people)
  • A life goal is to hike the entire Appalachian trail
  • When not working as a nurse, or doing anything music related, I’m probably hiking with my dogs, snowboarding or traveling

Meet Molly 

Follow Molly Brulé





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