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The 'Friends' Episode When Jennifer Aniston Hints At A Reunion

Jennifer Aniston dropped by The Ellen Show on Friday to celebrate Ellen Degeneres' 60th birthday and talk about her upcoming TV show with Reese Witherspoon. Ellen asked the question we've all been wondering... is 'Friends' going to have a reunion?

"It's a possibility...anything can happen," Aniston said.

Could we BE any more excited? She went on to joke that George Clooney got married, so nothing is out of question.

Jennifer Aniston on a Potential 'Friends' Reunion

Could Jennifer Aniston and her "Friends" be heading toward a reunion? Plus, Ellen attempts to scare her longtime friend.

'Friends' aired on NBC from 1994-2004 and has continued to grow in popularity through syndication. The 2004 finale had 52.5 million viewers, making it the fourth most watched TV show finale.