Where Do Mosquitoes Go During The Day?

Mosquitoes are ever present during the night, but where do these pesky critters go at night?

Mosquitoes cannot survive in dry heat and because of this they are mainly active at night. To survive during the day they look for areas that are more shaded and provide some kind of moisture. Main areas they can be found are under decks, in bushes or thick brush, shrubs and trees.

This is where the mosquitoes sleep for the day until they awaken at dusk. Here at Mosquito Ranger we treat these areas with our mosquito spray to drive away mosquitoes and create a barrier around your home. Our garlic organic-based solution repels mosquitoes and ticks from you yard and lawn.

Our technicians make sure to spray high traffic areas such as decks, pools, and swing sets to keep your family safe when they are outside. Our service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So what are you waiting for? Call us today to enjoy your summer year after year!



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