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While Meghan Markle and Prince Harry married yesterday, most of her family watched on television as they were not invited to the wedding.

Some of her family, including her Aunt Theresa and her cousin Nick, seemed to celebrate the wedding with a trip to Burger King.

The Daily Mail published photos of the duo leaving the fast food restaurant — Complete with paper crowns.

Meghan's uninvited family celebrates wedding with Burger King crowns

Meghan's aunt Theresa Markle, 67, and cousin Nick, 38, went to Burger King in Sanford, Florida, for breakfast and picked up the burger chain's signature crown There was no sign of Meghan's uncle Fred, 76, her father Thomas's older brother Fred Markle styles himself Bishop Dismas and leads the Eastern

As you know, Meghan was very selective about who she invited to the wedding.

In recent years, she has not been close with many of her family members, and therefore, decided not to invite them to her wedding.

In the weeks leading up to the wedding, her distant relatives voiced their disapproval over her marrying into royalty, not to mention, her father had open heart surgery a few days before she walked down the aisle.

As for the Burger King stop, it’s not clear if the photos taken yesterday were another desperate attempt for Meghan’s family to steal the spotlight, but we have to say seeing Meghan’s cousin wear a Burger King crown on her wedding day was quite comical.

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