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Don't Look Now, But Red Sox Are The Best Team In Baseball!

Being a long time Red Sox fan, I hate to say anything, do anything, sit in the wrong chair, or do whatever to ...(I can't even say the word... the "j" word) the team. But HOLY HOT STREAK! This sure is a fun season! There's lots to love about this team, their chemistry, their work ethic and their new manager, former Sox utility player, Alex Cora. It's all working, whatever it is. Wait, I do know what it is. It's sheer joy for Sox fans.

A 9 game winning streak is a beautiful thing!

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9-game winning streak vibes. ????

Chris Sale is a beast, and likely the most feared pitcher in the AL East, ,or all of baseball. After all, the boys of summer are holding on to the best record in baseball. They are 36 games over .500 for the first time since October of 1978. We'll take it, thank you, as we welcome the Blue Jays to town tonight for a 4 game series.

I have to go rub my rabbit's foot now and knock wood and cross my fingers and toes.