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Jessie James Decker is one busy mama, but she spent some time backstage with Jackson & Hannah before taking the stage at Country 102.5 Street Party 2 on Sunday afternoon.

With three kids, a loving husband, and an amazing career, Jessie says that life is really, really good, if not busy.

“When you’re happy, you don’t let the little things sweat ya, you just get to it,” said Decker. “It’s all a blessing.”

Jessie has a new book coming out next month, Just Jessie: My Guide to Love, Life, Family, and Food, and with that, she will be able to add author to her list of accomplishments.

“I decided to do a book after I did a tour a couple of years ago,” she said. “I started collecting questions and things that women wanted to know from me and started putting it all together.”

The book will cover cooking, love advice, fashion, and more, and is due out October 2nd.

Jessie balances her family with her career, and says it’s all about prioritizing.

“I don’t have nannies, this is why I’m tired,” she said. “I got up at four this morning to be here, and as soon as it’s over I’m getting right back on a plane to go home and put my kids to bed.”

“You only get these moments for a short amount of time until they leave the nest,” explained Decker. “If I can work and raise my children, I’m going to do it. If being a mother suffers, then I have to cut back.”

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