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Are you as obsessed with this show as I’ve been?! Or maybe as obsessed with it as Joe is with Beck?

I honestly never expected to get sucked into anything on Lifetime, but they finally got me! A network primarily known for cheesefest type made-for-tv movies has a suspenseful, romantic, psychological thriller of a show on their hands starring Penn Badgley (of “Gossip Girl”) and Elizabeth Lail (of “Once Upon A Time.”)

YOU: Official Trailer | Series Premiere September 9 at 10/9C | Lifetime

The brand new series YOU , premieres September 9th at 10pm ET/PT on Lifetime. When a brilliant bookstore manager crosses paths with an aspiring writer, his answer becomes clear: anything.


Sunday night, the season one finale aired and I had been wondering where this show would take us and how we would get another season of it given the direction is seemed to be going. Based on the book of the same name by Caroline Kepnes, that I have yet to read, I’m told it’s followed it very closely all season long. Up until the very end, that is.

For those that haven’t been paying attention, I really don’t want to ruin it for you (but spoilers ahead) – it’s such a good watch, you should go and binge it now (you can view full episodes on the Lifetime website.)

To give you a general synopsis: Joe falls hard for a girl, Beck, who walks into the bookstore he works for. Unlike the normal person who would maybe check out her Facebook page, he basically stalks her to find out who she is and all that she’s about. But, oddly enough, he goes about it in such a way that you can’t help but route for him. (Seriously, you’ll feel weird.) As the season progresses, they begin dating and Joe begins to take care of any problem that comes in his way of being with her – yes, this includes killing people close to Beck without her knowing he’s the one behind it. As we get to the finale (*finale spoilers coming*) Beck has found a box of mementos from these occasions and isn’t sure how to process it (do you blame her?) He realizes she’s figured him out and next thing you know, he’s knocked her unconscious and locks her up in the glass room within the basement of the bookstore, like so many we’ve seen throughout the season. Just when we think maybe they’re going to work through this somehow, it goes horribly wrong and Beck is Joe’s next victim.

So, where could season two possible take us? The biggest relationship we’ve followed and that’s driven the show all season is now, literally dead.

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But wait! There’s more! At the very end of the season finale on Sunday night, we’re brought to a very familiar place: the bookstore. Joe is working and just like the season began, he watches a beautiful woman enter the store and he’s intrigued. The hooded woman walks her way to him and we find out it’s his ex, Candace. Here’s the kicker,  we were to believe all season that Joe had killed. In fact, he even thought he killed her, so, you can imagine his reaction.

One of the shows developers, Sera Gamble, spoke with The Hollywood Reporter and said this about Season Two:

The show is in L.A. We started work. The writers are on the Paramount lot and we’re looking for stage space here in L.A. Joe Goldberg comes to L.A. and he is a die-hard New Yorker so I can’t say that he comes to L.A. and he instantly falls in love with the place. At least at first glance, this is not Joe’s kind of town, which is delightful. Starting to talk about what Joe would think of Angelenos has been so much fun in the room.

As for other characters that’ll possibly be returning:

Part of the fun of continuing the story is that the loose ends from Joe’s past are still dangling and could come back to him at anytime. He is very worried about the fact that Peach Salinger’s family has hired people to investigate her alleged suicide, and there is evidence potentially still at her house from season one. If you look at every act of violence that he does in season one, that is potentially something that could come back and bite him. And Dr. Nicky is in prison and he is ardently protesting his innocence. It’s too soon to say definitely whether John Stamos will return in season two but we have been talking a lot about the character and we’re excited to keep telling that story.