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A star from the hit series ‘Nashville’ was recently involved in a police investigation that stemmed from her boyfriend acting erratically.

According to an article published today on TMZ, the incident unfolded in October while the couple was in Greenville, South Carolina.

It’s not clear why the incident is just making headlines now, but regardless, police were called to a home believed to be owned by Hayden Panettiere’s boyfriend’s father.

For unknown reasons, a disturbance arose between Brian Hickerson and his father, and the police were dispatched to the residence.

Officers approached the home and were let inside by a noticeably frazzled woman, identified as Panettiere.

Once inside the home, Greenville Police witnessed Hickerson running after his dad with a gatorade bottle in hand.

Officers also noted that Brian’s dad had visible injuries to his face. Hickerson was placed in handcuffs but was not willing to cooperate with officers.

While investigating the incident, Hayden confessed that she and her boyfriend’s father, David, were drinking before the altercation.

It’s not clear what caused Brian to become irate, but it’s possible his father could have said something inappropriate to Hayden.

However, no one seemed to want to reveal the details surrounding the incident, as David cited a fall as the reason for his facial injuries.

Brian told officers he did not want to divulge what happened as it could damage Hayden’s career.

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