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Who Does Luke Combs Credit His Country Music Career To?

Luke Combs was just your typical college kid when this guy came to his campus to play a show in honor of his alma mater.

In fact, Combs tells CMT, "“I didn’t give his music much of a chance that day to be honest with you. A couple weeks later, I’d had a few at that time, illegal beverages, now legal beverages, and I said, ‘you know what? I’m gonna give this guy’s album a shot,” he said. “I listened to it front to back and it really changed my outlook and changed a lot of things for me about country music."

The guy he's referring to is none other than, Eric Church.

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“I went to a really small college in North Carolina, and my freshman year, a buddy of mine that lived on my hall came into my room and said, ‘Hey, this guy is playing on campus tonight. He went to school here, and his name is Eric Church,’” Combs told reporters in the press room at the 52nd Annual CMA Awards.

He continued to say he was a fan for three years before he decided to pick up a guitar and take a chance himself.

"‘You know what? If this guy went to college here and can be onstage at the CMAs and winning CMA Awards and getting number one songs, I don’t see why I can’t do it.’”

And to say he's "done it" is an understatement! He even took home the award for Best New Artist this year...he's doing something right!

 (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)