(Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images)

Baseball Player Gives Parents One Of A Kind Gift

The alarm goes off on Christmas morning and it always feels a little different. A good different.

Whether you're five or eighty-five, walking into your living room to see presents scattered around your Christmas tree always puts a smile on your face. But one person this Christmas gave a gift that stretches beyond the imagination.

His name is Brady. New Englanders know the name Brady doesn't disappoint, but this story isn't about TB12.

It's about Brady Singer, a baseball player in the Kansas City Royals organization. The 22-year-old pitcher decided to thank his mom and dad by...well...see for yourself.

Brady Singer on Twitter

Today is very special to my heart. To give back to the two people who have given up everything to support my brother and I. I can't thank them enough. Love you Mom and Dad https://t.co/AFHi2Xma0c