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You may have seen Jennifer Aniston on a bunch of television shows lately with Dolly Parton and scratched your head as to why. Well, this is why! 

Just released as a Netflix original movie on Friday (12/7), the film is a tale from Texas, of a girl who recently lost her Aunt whom she was extremely close to. Their big bond: a love of Dolly Parton!


Jennifer Aniston told Jimmy Kimmel if they didn’t have the approval from Dolly to use her music in the film, it just wouldn’t have happened. Thankfully, not only did she give her blessing, but she recorded new music for the film as well.

So far, Dumplin’ has been getting rave reviews from critics and fans a like. Not only does it scream a wild affection for Parton, but it also has an amazingly uplifting message of being comfortable with who you are, no matter the body type.

Stream Dumplin’ on Netflix now!