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Today was going to be a good day when I saw the sun was shining. Any day in the middle of winter that this happens is a “WIN”…then I saw who’s celebrating a birthday today and I realized, nothing wrong can happen today.

Okay, so that’s really only half true – sure, bad things can still happen – but, I’ll just remind myself that the wonderful Betty White is celebrating her 97th birthday and I’ll be happy and smile once again.

I have so many memories growing up watching Betty White on television. The Golden Girls was one of my Grandmothers favorite TV shows (and is still one of mine to this day.) I’m grateful to live in a world where I’ve never had to know it without Betty White.

 (Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images)

To put this into perspective just a bit, here are some things that Betty White is older than:

Color Television (1960s)

Warner Brothers Film Studio (1923)

Looney Tunes, Porky Pig (1935)

Cordless Telephone (1965)

Sliced Bread (1928)

Betty White is even possibly older, if not just as old as Country Music, which is said to have been “invented” in the early 1920s. That seems so crazy when you think about it! All of the things she’s watched happen in her lifetime!


Today, we celebrate the beautiful, funny, smart, amazing woman that she is and all the years of entertainment she’s brought our way! Thank you, Betty! Never, ever leave us!