His name is Colton and the “dumpster fire” of drama, as my friend put it, starts TONIGHT!

The Bachelor is something else. I have friends that just love the drama. Other friends that use it as a drinking game because of how ridiculous it is. While others are wishing to find someone just like the guy all the girls are fighting for.

So, who is this seasons man meat? Colton Underwood, ex-NFL tight end is the hunky star of the 2019 season which premieres tonight at 8pm on ABC.

Sure, right off the rip, a former NFL tight end and that pearly white smile is enough to make the ladies go wild, but what else do we know about this guy?

Well the big thing they keep pushing in the promos for the show is that he’s a virgin. Yes, that’s right. V-card still in tact (but will it be by the end of the season?) You’re going to hear about this…a lot. Probably so much you’ll want to add this to your drinking game board of what to sip to asap.

He’s also no stranger to The Bachelor/Bachelorette…this is actually his third time around these shows according to USA Today.

Things that’ll also make some heads turn in the “awww” and a “say what” sorta way: He LOVES dogs and he doesn’t wear underwear. Listen, I’m just reporting the facts. Do with it what you will.

The big question though: Is he ready to settle down?