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The future has arrived, and it’s ready to fold your clothes! After reading about this new invention, Foldimate, created by a California start-up, I was totally on board! I mean, I’m not really very good at this particular chore, and it is time consuming… so why not? Until I saw the price. It will supposedly retail for nearly $1000.

Would you pay almost $1000 for a machine that you load your clothes into, one at a time, then have it spit out those items neatly folded? It can handle about 15-20 pieces total.  I’m now re-thinking the price. If this product lasts for say 15 years, that’s a lot of loads! Think of what you pay when you take laundry to a dry cleaner to wash, dry and fold. Maybe it’s not asking too much.

Still pondering… is folding the worst part of laundry? Nah, it’s actually the putting away. No machine could ever do that. Oh, and wait, it doesn’t do sheets? Closing my bank app now. Saving for the future, when then invent a machine that can fold the fitted sheets… and cook and exercise for me.

By the way, this particular product is still in the prototype stage, so you have plenty of time to think it over.

Here’s more:


FoldiMate Hands-On: The Laundry Folding Robot

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