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If you can’t beat ’em…

Beat the tv?

That’s what one football fan did on Super Bowl Sunday. Apparently this 6th Pats’ victory was the one that put him over the edge.  Even though his Twitter account clearly shows he’s a Bengals fan, this dude was obviously hoping for an LA victory. Or anyone but the New England Patriots. He must be a Steelers fan as well, as referenced on his post.  Perhaps it was the fact that New England had tied the Steelers’ record for most Super Bowl wins. Maybe he had enough of the GOAT, and the gloat. Maybe it was Edelman’s beard that set him off. Or could it have just been Belichick’s band of boys’ beaming smiles of victory. Whatever it was, “Captain Obnoxious” didn’t take it well. He lost all sense of sense and gave “bad sport” a bad name.

*** WARNING**** This post contains language that may offend


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