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Yesterday, the luck of the Irish was not with me… at least in the morning. I was getting ready to head out to a fun day with the station, at Loretta’s Last Call for a show featuring brand new county act, Gone West (starring pop star Colbie Caillat). I was drying my hair, and decided to use a new roller brush I had recently purchased. I rolled a large chunk of my damp hair around the metal round brush, put the dryer to it… and panicked.

The brush would not come out! No matter how I tried. I couldn’t even budge those bristles from my scalp! It was tightly wound, and absolutely unmovable. The terror set in as time was ticking. Would I make it to the event? Would I  have to actually cut hair off? It was a chunk from the front of my head, by my face. This would be very noticeable if I had to cut it. Shear terror set in.

I went into the shower and started pouring conditioner on my head and around the bristles of the brush. Pulling small strands of hair, piece by piece- that was the only way out. We’ve all used the term, “pulling my hair out,” but I actually was! I could see bunches of it hitting the shower floor and washing toward the drain.

Forty-seven minutes later,  I had freed myself of the brush from hell. My scalp was aching, and I had lost quite a bit of hair. But I was off to my event, a little scarred and a lot embarrassed.

Has this ever happened to you?


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