It’s NBA Playoff time and there is nothing more that I love, other than the entire season as a whole! It’s even better when our Boston Celtics are ready to go all the way (I keep telling myself that, any way!) 

Game 1 against the Indiana Pacers took place Sunday and if you missed it, I’ll throw some highlights your way.  The first 2 on the board for the C’s was a Kyrie showoff/spin move, that we’ve seen similarly throughout the season (not always working) and he lands it.

A lot of people wanted to count Gordon Hayward as a has been, after a bumpy road back from, what could have been a career ending injury. It’s true, the first half of the season was a little rough at times for him, but if his rehab process showed us anything it’s that this is a man that doesn’t give up and that in itself bleeds green. It’s moves like this that shows he’s back.

Overall for the game, the easy pick for MVP is Kyrie Irving for his attempts at the fancy-foot-action plays that he’s known for. But, I think I want to give it to Al Horford who, while more laid back, comes across as a true leader of our boys. It’s like he has eyes everywhere and knows where the open man to make the play is. He proved it over and over again Sunday afternoon.

The score says it all – neither team was truly on their “A” game.

How can the Celtics improve going into Game 2, Wednesday night? Plain and simple: Less turnovers. In the first quarter alone it was just a sloppy situation. It lead to too many opportunities for the Pacers to get ahead. If they get a handle on the ball and continue to play like it’s a team effort (ala-last playoff season) then we can be in really good shape this series. Fingers crossed!

Important to Note: Marcus Smart is sidelined due to injury and Terry Rozier will be added to the starters in his place.