Taylor Swift debuted her brand new song, “Me” at midnight leading into Friday and fans went NUTS!

In the opening scenes of the music video, a snake slithers around and before it can jump at us it explodes into a flock of beautiful butterflies. Clearly, this is Taylor’s way of shedding her past tiffs (ie: Kim Kardashian) and awakening into her beautiful self (ie: see the lyrics of new song “Me.”)

But what other hints can we get from this music video? It starts out with an argument between her and Brendon Urie (Panic! At the Disco, video love interest, duet partner…) in French, with a Christmas tree present, cats on the couch and lots of paintings on the wall.

One of those paintings a friend of mine noticed includes power-trio, Dixie Chicks. The others actual chickens wearing sunglasses (cool chicks? her gang of lady friends, perhaps?) Could this be a hint that she’s recorded music with DC? Is the album full of fun collabs with her lady friends?

Someone wanna figure out what this book says?

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Fans are trying to decipher as many things as they can and the Taylor Swift hashtag on Instagram is a great place to find some of the ideas they’ve come up with: HERE.

Think you’ve figured anything out from her new video?